Points to Follow Before Applying for a Job

Applying for a Job

If you think that completing your college is a guarantee of a well paying job, you are wrong. There are thousands more who will be competing with you for coveted posts. Other things being equal, what will ultimately help you inch forward in the race for a job is how well you navigate the application process. Even the best of candidates fail at this point because of insipid and uninspiring job applications.

Here are a few points that you can follow and keep in mind while framing out a job application.

  • Decide on the job you want – This should be your first step if you are to build up a good job application. Consider the career field that you think will suit you the best and what will be challenging and rewarding for you in the long run. Think about the skills you posses and whether they will match the requirements of the company. If not you have to go through a lengthy learning process once you get the job. Lastly, put a great deal of thought to the salary and benefits you want and are willing to settle for. A lot of your job satisfaction will depend on this one factor.
  • Do your research – It is necessary that you carry out a research of the companies that you are applying to. Once you get a fair idea of the company’s culture and mission statement you will know how to structure your application so that it is well received by the company. Visit websites, read about their products and services and the jobs being offered. You will get an insight into the details of the company and that will help you during the interview.
  • Frame a resume – This is a very critical aspect of the application process as it will be the first point of contact between you and a potential employer. It has to outline your education and work history as well as specific projects that you have worked on both in college as well as in the past job. Go back a few years and put down the details in the resume. Ensure that you highlight your skill sets which have been acquired over the years, especially in the field of computer systems and handling of specialised software. This is very vital in the modern digital business environment.

You can also take professional help in this regard. If you reside in the State of Victoria, Australia for example, you can contact a Melbourne labour hire employment agency and for a fee, have your resume drafted by them. The advantage here is that being experts in this field, they will know which type of resume will exactly match requirements for the industry you are applying for.

  • Write a covering letter – The covering letter to your resume should include why you think that you are the ideal candidate for the vacancy, how your unique talents will contribute to the organisation and why you are specifically interested in this position.

These are a few points you should consider before applying for a job. The next step of course is to mail the application and wait for the call.

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