How to Start on Entry Level Law Jobs

Level Law Jobs

In any profession, an entry level job is ideal for testing the waters and evaluating whether you want to make a career out of it. If you are thinking of a career in law, this should be the ideal platform to know the inside set-ups of the profession and its various specialisations. Most of these jobs are part-time so you will have enough time on your hands to simultaneously get into law school and complete your degree while getting valuable hands-on experience in this field. It will also help you decide the specialisation you would want to follow as a lawyer in later life and choose your subjects accordingly in law school.

Here are a few entry level jobs that you can take up in the legal industry if you are interested in a career in law. Most of these actually require no formal higher education and a high school diploma usually suffices. Many law firms offer such openings and provide on-the-job training too.

  • File clerk – Law firms regardless of their size have series of filing cabinets and rooms and warehouses where files and documents are stored. As a file clerk, you will be responsible for maintaining them systematically so that retrieval of files is quick and easy. Your duties will include maintaining file records and preparing and storing files for lawyers and paralegals. You will be also required to accurately track and monitor the movement of all of them. On this job you get a valuable insight into how the record room of a law firm operates. You will also get an opportunity to interact with various law firm personnel and know about their work especially in your field of interest. For instance if want to follow business law after law school, this is the time to pick up the many aspects of Melbourne business lawyers services if you are stationed in the State of Victoria.
  • Document coder – Coding documents is a form of digitally identifying and keeping track of documents and is basically a form of data entry. Any law firm regardless of its size generates huge volumes of documents and these have to be reviewed, identified and stored electronically. These documents which in a large law firm can number in millions have to be coded and stored in a manner that allows quick retrieval at any time during litigation. This is a fast growing side of a law firm and for document coders it is a great way to get the feel of the fast growing litigation support services.
  • Court Messenger – This work here goes much beyond the responsibilities of a courier and requires great commitment and perseverance on the part of a court messenger. A lawsuit is a complex process, one that requires meeting strict deadlines in delivering summons and documents. A court messenger is often called upon to actually file documents in courts by negotiating through courts, deliver pleadings in a time bound manner to specific court houses and then return back to the law office and return filed copies – all in a day. Court messengers are sometimes called upon to deliver court papers within that day’s business hours, something that is beyond the capabilities of regular couriers. This is especially useful for unfair dismissal lawyers in Melbourne or anywhere else who have to meet strict deadlines as laid down by the Human Rights Commission.

These are the three main entry level jobs of the legal profession which also includes being a legal receptionist as well as mailroom clerk. Being trained in any of them will be a tremendous advantage for you when you ultimately join the profession full time.