How to Get a Job in Web Graphic Design Studios

Graphic Design jobs

In the modern digital environment, good and skilled web graphic designers are prized possessions. They can be the defining factor between success and failure of any design studio or company or creative agency. However, it is sad that highly talented ones do not get the recognition they deserve simply because they took their learning process sincerely but left the seriousness of applying for a job correctly on the back burner. Hence they do not make the cut. On the other hand a little bit of thought and a systematic approach to getting a job will surely pay rich dividends in the long run.

Here are some ways that you can follow to increase your chances of getting a job in a design studio.

  • Shun the usual CV – Do away with the usual CV format and work on one that will have an immediate impact, starting from the email title. Have a short personalised email that will not take too much time to read through. Too many applicants send a link to their portfolio but the better option is to include a link to your blog site. It is an easier way that way to convey your depth of understanding of the subject. You portfolio site will contain your creative side but your blogs will have collated references from a wide range of topics on design and give an impression of mastery over various aspects of design. Creative directors are more sensitive to overall thought processes than single design attempts as in your portfolio.
  • Making a blog – A blog is a powerful medium to express your talent and vision in graphic design. Have a blog that apart from what you have done also covers what your future aspirations are and your areas of interests. A graphic designer is never limited to any one field of work, the possibilities are almost endless. A case in point here is Jarrod Carland. He started off in musical theatre and quickly made a name for himself there. A lot later, he decided to get into creative arts and founded Studio Jack that focussed on creating attractive visuals across all mediums, a graphic designer dreams. To reach this level Jarrod Carland has undergone an extensive hard work working on various projects round the world. To know more about him visit wikiwand and wow and get a lot to learn about him. Also, following him on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter will give you insight into his inspirational work.

Similarly, if you can put across an impression through your blog that you are destined for and have ambitions of greater things in life as a graphic designer, you can be sure that the job is all yours.

  • Research the company – There are many aspects of graphic designing and not all companies or agencies have uniform requirements. Research the company you are applying for and write a compelling email matching your skill sets with how they will be useful for the company if hired. You can be sure that your application will definitely get noticed from the many received by them every day.
  • Follow-up – In the hectic environment of agency life, it is possible that your application might have gone to the bottom of the Inbox. Since it’s your job that is on the line, you can send a gentle reminder once. Subsequent ones need not be persistent phone calls or emails. Browse the website of the company and find out the upcoming events that the firm might be participating in like a fair or a community gathering. Be there, join in and discreetly make a mention that you have applied for a job and the reply is awaiting. This is a much better approach than to be pushy through formal channels.

These are some ways that you as a graphic designer can ensure that you get a job at a design studio.