Beauty Related Jobs and Career Options

Beauty Career

Beauty business is on a high today with innovations and new developments being introduced almost as a matter of routine every day. There is also a growing awareness amongst every section of the population about affordability and the ease of modern beauty treatments. Expensive procedures of the past that needed extensive and invasive surgical processes have today been replaced with quick processes with negligible recuperation periods at prices that do not burn a hole in the pocket.

Given this scenario, there is now a huge demand for cosmetologists, beauticians and other personnel to fill the many job options arising in the beauty sector. Hence, if you are planning for a lucrative career and have a flair for beauty related work, the time to take a step forward is now! However, it is always advisable to weigh the options before you in this sector before going forward.

Here are a few tips and information that will help you arrive at a decision.

Profiles in beauty related jobs –

  • Beauticians – Primarily related to make-up for special occasions such as marriages or TV and film performances. May be attached to a beauty salon or work as a freelancer.
  • Beauty therapists – Offer treatments for the face, skin hair and body. Includes massages, threading, facial and skin treatments. Should be able to handle top of the line and best laser hair removal machines for permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation processes.
  • Beauty specialists – In the know of specialised cosmetic procedures such as electrolysis, permanent make-up, aroma therapy. This often means having to operate state of the art devices. However, most companies like Universal IPL offer free training courses for purchasers of their IPL laser machines and other beauty equipment. Hence if you happen to be working in a salon that has purchased equipment from them, you too can benefit from this offer.
  • Beauty advisors – Helping customers identify their skin types and recommending suitable cosmetics or therapies. Proffering advice on general health and fitness

Skills required –

  • As a beautician whatever may be your area of specialisation, your job will be totally client centric. Hence the primary skills that you should have are tons of patience, being a keen listener with a friendly disposition, well groomed and meticulous work habits. You should also have a great deal of business acumen and should be able to convert a casual query into a sale. Most importantly, you should have a great degree of physical fitness and stamina. The beauty industry is demanding with long working hours and most of the times you will have to be on your feet.

Employment Openings –

  • With the exponential boom in this sector, there are almost limitless options for those wanting to join the beauty industry. The first is beauty clinics and salons either stand-alone ones or those attached to hotels and health resorts or even cruise ships. Modelling and fashion agencies, advertising firms and TV &Film industry as well as fitness clinics have all witnessed a rising demand for trained beauticians. You can even look for openings as a sales consultant in a cosmetic firm. Finally, after you have picked up some experience in the beauty industry in a specialisation of your choice, you can branch out on your own as a self employed professional.

As in any other field, a beautician’s job too requires specialised training. You can opt for professionally structured courses in cosmetology and those that impart in-depth learning in anatomy, health and nutrition, physiology, hair and skin qualities and ailments and sales and marketing. Most courses provide hands-on programs on live models and situations.

You can also research the Internet for more information for starting out on this wonderful and lucrative career.