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We focus our efforts on getting results through hard work, strategic thinking and a commitment to our expertise.

Simplicity is at our core; providing an easier way to establish, run and develop businesses.

We continually evolve our products to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring they always have the edge.

We practice what we preach by ensuring that we have a continuous improvement cycle built around our mission.

We want to make it easier for owners to set up, run and improve their businesses

Company Mission

“We are not merely in the business of making and selling software. We believe that our business tools will provide the SME market with simple cost effective solutions to key problem areas such as sales, marketing, accounts and credit control. 
We will continue to put our energy, focus and resources into discovering and implementing new technologies and practices that will enable us to provide solutions to current business problems rather than looking for a market for what we produce.”

John Kennedy CEO - Traction Business Solutions